🔊 Kpop Mashup 2019 of Twice 트와이스 トゥワイス Feel Special, Fancy, TT, Likey, snippet of another groups song and another Twice song, do you hear it?

This mashup had some focus on Mina & Dahyun, just cause 🙂 I even took out some parts of my Bias oh snap, Dance the night away right? xD Enjoy, this complex mashup !

Mashup is a unique way of transforming different songs in different keys and tempo to make it seamlessly feel like one song by making clean transition between the songs and structuring it in your own unique way. If you want to learn how to make mashups, checkout my tutorial playlist.
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Nayeon (나연)
Jeongyeon (정연)
Momo (모모)
Sana (사나)
Jihyo (지효)
Mina (미나)
Dahyun (다현)
Chaeyoung (채영)
Tzuyu (쯔위)