NiziU – “Dance The Night Away” TWICE Dance Cover Reaction! (WithU Fanboy Edition 니쥬 리액션/ニジュー 反応ビデオ)



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Today I am watching NiziU’s dance cover of Twice’s Dance The Night Away! Their dancing was amazing as expected and it was such a fun choreo for them to do! I hope to see more Twice covers from them soon, hopefully Fancy, Feel Special, and Cheer Up (personal favorites)

Fandoms that I’m in: BTS (ARMY), EXO (EXO-L), Blackpink (Blinks), Twice (Once), Mamamoo, and Red Velvet (Reveluv)

NiziU (니쥬/虹U/ニジュー) is a Japanese Pop (J-Pop) group formed by JYP entertainment and Sony on the survival show the Nizi Project. After many auditions and competitions, the remaining trainees formed the final group lineup, consisting of Mako (Yamaguchi Mako/真子/マコ), Rio (Hanabashi Rio/梨緒/リオ), Maya (Katsumura Maya/まや/マヤ), Riku (Oe Riku/陸), Ayaka (Arai Ayaka/あやか/アヤカ), Mayuka (Ogou Mayuka/まゆか/マユカ), Rima (Yokoi Rima/りま/リマ), Miihi (Suzuno Miihi/みいひ/ミイヒ), and Nina (Nina Makino-Hillman/仁菜/ニナ). Their sister groups include Twice (트와이스) and Itzy (잇지)

Here is their apparent positions in this cover:

Mako = Nayeon
Riku = Sana
Ayaka = Momo
Riku = Sana
Miihi = Jeongyeon
Rima = Tzuyu
Maya = Mina
Rio = Chaeyoung
Nina = Jihyo
Mayuka = Dahyun