TWICE (トゥワイス) – Pink Lemonade Color Coded Lyrics


Hey guys! こんにちは みんな!

Well, if you were here when this channel began (I mean… the Color Coded Lyrics, not the more more older UYU How Would), you probably saw my video of “Pink Lemonade”~

But as you can see, I’m upgrading every video more and recently I discovered how to make double color texts, in a way much better than I was doing before ♡

I thought I needed to practice (since I just made one line in God’s Menu video), so I decided to remake this video (that, not gonna lie, was terrible before)!!!

I took off the Portuguese translation because I’m planning to put subtitles on my videos!!! So wait for it~

I’ll keep the old video for now, if you want to compare my two versions~ (I guess the other video was less than a year before so it’s my year’s grow up!!!) There are any video you guys want me to remake? Or any video you want me to make for the first time? Tell me on the comments!!!

Please, enjoy~