TWICE (트와이스) ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Nayeon and Chaeyoung Concept Film REACTION (“I Can’t Stop Me” Teaser)


Twice is having a new comeback coming later this month, “Eyes Wide Open” with the new single title track “I Cant Stop Me”. As a ONCE (Twice Fandom) I cannot express enough how excited I am for this comeback!



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Twice (트와이스/トゥワイス) is a 9 member South Korean girl group by JYP Entertainment consisting of Jihyo 지효, Chou Tzuyu 쯔위/周子瑜, Momo Hirai 모모/平井 もも, Sana Minatozaki 사나/湊崎 紗夏, Mina Myōi /Sharon/ 미나/名井 南, Chaeyoung 채영, Nayeon 나연, Jeongyeon 정연 and Dahyun 다현. They are well known for their top-charting songs such as TT, Cheer Up, Likey, Fancy, and Feel Special. Their fandom name is ONCE. reaksyon/ปฏิกิริยา ng Twice

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