TWICE (トゥワイス) ~ Kura Kura ~ Line Distribution



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1. I finally decided with these ad-libs in the Jeongyeon’s chorus: 1st is Tzuyu (just ending sounds like her now to me), 2nd is Dahyun.
2. Answer to potential comments: the second ad-lib isn’t Chaeyoung, it’s just enough to listen to this ad-lib without backing vocals ( If you will talk about choreo: Chaeyoung came in font WITH Sana if you watched again. Just screen focused on Chaeyoung, but Sana did the same thing in other side of the choreo. Also Chae isn’t really lipped, her mouths just moves kinda “randomly” or just opened but I don’t see in this synchronisation with ad-lib. And I don’t think the choreography is at all connected with ad-libs, so I see no reason to connect them lol.
3. All the whispers, “magic” and all the backing vocals are done by another singer (well at least “magic” simply doesn’t sounds like someone from Twice but some are fighting for it lmao)
4. The “Lose control …” part is a little weird even without the backing vocals, but most likely it’s Sana, Tzuyu, Nayeon and possibly Mina harmonized together