TWICE (トゥワイス) – The Best Thing I Ever Did -Japanese Ver.- Color Coded Lyrics



Hey guys! こんにちは みんな!

As always, I’m bringing the japanese version of the song, “The Best Thing I Ever Did”♡

I think it’s really funny how they released this song in “HAPPY HAPPY” album because it’s a full summer concept and “The Best Thing I Ever Did” is a winter concept 😂 it actually doesn’t fit but it was their choice so… let’s use the right pics~

I could also use #TWICE3 photos but I want to use the pics of the first album this song appeared, so that’s why I used “HAPPY HAPPY” photos~

Please, enjoy~
Song: The Best Thing I Ever Did (Japanese Ver.)
Album: Happy Happy – EP
Artist: TWICE (트와이스 / トゥワイス)