TWICE (トゥワイス) – Feel Special -Japanese Ver.- Color Coded Lyrics



Hey guys! こんにちは みんな!

Bringing the Japanese version to finally have a good quality video of this song~

My last video has the same photos as the Korean video and I really don’t know why I didn’t use #TWICE3 photos before… I mean, look at them!!!
This photoshoot looks so good, the girls look amazing and I probably wouldn’t feel tired of making a lot of videos with this photoshoot (but no, 3/6 songs of this album were released in other albums so I had to use other photoshoots 🤪)

I want to finish TWICE songs as fast as I can, now I have more two songs to work! Are you excited? Hihi~

Please, enjoy~
Song: Feel Special (Japanese Ver.)
Album: #TWICE3 (Japanese Version) – EP
Artist: TWICE (트와이스 / トゥワイス)