【LIVE】乃木坂46 真夏の全国ツアー2021(for J-LODlive)




映像では8/22に開催致しました「真夏の全国ツアー2021〜福岡公演〜」から「ごめんねFingers crossed」をご紹介致します。

The Midsummer National Tour is Nogizaka46’s annual summer tour.
The tour was held for the first time in two years, as it was canceled in 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Although the tour managed to be held again, it was subject to various restrictions in line with the guidelines announced by the government, such as a limit to the number of people allowed in venues, no loud cheering, and mandatory masks, as the COVID-19 pandemic still persists. Nonetheless, the group was successfully reunited with its fans.

This video features “Gomenne Fingers crossed,” performed at the Midsummer National Tour 2021 -Fukuoka Performance- on August 22nd.
On the day of the performance, it had already been decided that the Tokyo performance scheduled to be held in September would be postponed, and it was still unclear whether the tour’s final performance could be held. (As of October 2021, it has been decided to be held on November 20-21)
In this song, released on June 9, 2021 just before the summer tour, 4th-generation member Sakura Endo performed in the center position for the second time in her career. Despite her lack of experience as a third-year member of group, she powerfully overcame her anxieties this summer.
At the time, many people thought this might be the last show of the tour.
Enjoy the mighty performance of the members in this temporary last part of the tour.